bluetooth screen features of a vw Jetta

Bluetooth® for Volkswagen has been made a standard or available feature on all new VW models for sale. Whether you have your eye on a 2020 Jetta or new Volkswagen Tiguan, you'll love the benefit of having Bluetooth® wireless technology at your disposal. That means you'll be able to conveniently access apps from your infotainment screen, place hands-free phone calls and stream your favorite playlists with ease.

What Is Bluetooth® Technology?

With Bluetooth® for Volkswagen, you'll enjoy a smoother and more interactive driving experience as you tackle Connecticut roadways and beyond. Bluetooth® technology allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your VW car or SUV so there is no need to use the phone while driving. Talking to your loved ones will be easier than ever before, as your conversations can be had through the microphone in the overhead console. Plus, you'll have the ability to stream your favorite music through the vehicle's audio systems seamlessly.

Bluetooth® for VW is a tech feature that customers can expect to enjoy on all 2020 Volkswagen vehicles, from the new Passat sedan to the all-new 2020 Atlas Cross Sport SUV. Looking to finance a used car or grab a new Volkswagen lease that's equipped with Bluetooth® technology? Schedule a test-drive online at our Volkswagen dealership near Waterbury, CT, and we'll find a VW equipped with Bluetooth® that's ideal for your needs.